Vedder and Stone

***********AT YAMAC HOUSE IN TEXAS********

At The Yamac House
Vedder & Stone
This bonded pair of brothers are available for adoption together. Vedder is a tripod due to having his leg amputated from a very bad foot injury. We took him from OAC to get him medical care. 2 days later we learned he was in there with his brother who was on the EU list due to lack of space, so we pulled him also.
These boys are fully vetted Akitas and estimated to be 4 to 6 years of age. Neither are fans of cats, smaller animals and are dog selective. They both walk great on a leash, love to give you kisses and hugs and they enjoy toys. Stone is more of the protector and watches over Vedder. They are both house trained and generally very sweet and loving boys.
They like to longue around and are more couch potatoes and not very active or high energy. They absolutely love people and getting pets and cookies. These two boys would do great in a family or single household.
Because they literally rely on each other, they must be adopted together. Stone provides Vedder with the comfort and stability he needs after becoming a tripod, and Vedder brings so much joy to Stone.
These two boys have been at The Yamac House well over a year now. We really would love to get them into a home. Please share to help these boys out!
If you would like more information on them, please email for an application.


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