Vedder and Stone

Vedder unfortunately had to have his leg amputated due to a very bad foot injury. We took him from OAC to get him medical care. 2 days later we learned he was in there with his brother who was on the EU list due to lack of space, so we pulled him also.

It’s only been a week and few days since Vedder had his amputation, so he still has recovery time. Stone will be going in to be neutered. The Vet estimates these boys to be 2 years old. They are very bonded and rely on one another, so they cannot be separated.

What I can tell you so far is that they do not like cats, small dogs, or male dogs. They both walk great on a leash, love to give you kisses and hugs and Vedder enjoys toys. Stone is more of the protector and watches over Vedder. They are both house trained and generally very sweet and loving boys. Please message us or email us if you are interested in adopting or foster these ROCKSTAR brothers.

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