The Yamac House story

Yamac was a 15 year old dog who was in a sink hole in Turkey. When he first emerged from the hole, he was skin and bones. Yamac was able to get healthy enough to fly. He came to my home as my first hospice foster. We lived each day to the fullest. He had his own bucket list full of adventures, birthday parties, kisses and love. My husband and I officially adopted him because every dog deserves a family.

The day we lost Yamac, our world stood still. It broke us so much that we questioned if we could go through this again. Ultimately we decided the best way to honor Yamac was to provide sanctuary to dogs like him. And so The Yamac House was created. Currently we house 35 dogs and have 5 more who are waiting to come in. In order to continue to do so, we need the funding to provide for them. Every penny counts for these dogs, and it ensures that they will have a forever “home” full of 24/7 care and love.

What we do

RWB’s The Yamac House is a loving place that provides a home for abandoned senior dogs, medical dogs and behavioral dogs from Turkey and in the United States, with a main focus in Texas.

When we have available room and enough funding, we take these dogs into our home. We provide full Veterinary care to them and we adopt out the dogs with a reasonable life-expectancy. The rest of the dogs become permanent Yamac House residents and family members for as long as they have a good quality of life.

Our Passionate Mission

The Yamac House passionately believes that all senior dogs, special needs dogs and behavioral challenged dogs should live peacefully and loved beyond measure in their final years as members of a caring family. Because of our belief we:

Provide a permanent home for unadoptable, abandoned or soon to be euthanized or homeless, senior dogs across Texas, the United States and across oceans in other countries. We classify seniors as age 8 and over. We give preference to the oldest dogs as well as any that have serious health issues.

We also provide a stable environment for young dogs who need to heal from medical conditions such as amputations, severe wounds, disabilities, etc. These dogs are only with us for a brief time so they can have the 24 hour care they need to heal before heading off to an approved foster or adopter.

We fully believe in keeping our Yamac House dogs healthy and comfortable as possible by providing excellent medical care. From everyday supplements, high quality senior or specialty dog food, to any medications they need.

We are committed to helping these dogs find peace in their final years. When quality of life is no longer present for any dogs in our care or our Vet has exhausted all medical treatment to manage pain, then we will help them cross the rainbow bridge.

Why we are so passionate about this

Unfortunately so many senior dogs, special needs dog and behavioral dogs find themselves being dumped at shelters and they are terrified and confused. Other times they are surrendered to the shelter or streets because their owner has died and no other family wants the dog. Still we see these types of dogs surrendered because someone is moving, they just had a baby, their work hours changed or they do not have the time or money to properly care for the dog.

Many of these dogs are in poor physical condition as well, making their chances at being adopted slim to none. Helping them is sometimes challenging, it can get pretty expensive, but is very very rewarding.

Our goal is that their later years are happy and that when the time comes for God to call them home, that they know they are safe and very loved. This is something we feel everyone would wish for their own pets and even themselves.

Yamac House dogs

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