Take home a landfill dog – landfill dogs will bless your life

Any dog is a blessing in a person’s life, but we can speak from our hearts about the landfill babies. All of us at RWB have many, many dogs. Some are from shelters, some we found dumped on the streets of Texas and some are from the landfill in Corum Turkey. Each one is unique in their own way, and each one is a rescue, but there is something different about the landfill dogs.

To see them look at a toy the first time, or lay on a bed, blanket, or couch is a moment you will never forget. To have them give you their paw and look at you; feels like they are looking into your soul and whispering “thank you”. To watch them on their first night in a home is priceless. It is no doubt the first night sleep of safety they have ever had. A night where they didn’t have to look over their shoulder amongst the 850 others. A night where they get to sleep on something soft instead of garbage, and a night they get to cuddle with a human and know that everything is okay now.

With each passing day they show their gratitude, their love, their loyalty and their trust for you. For the first time in their lives they realize what a home is and what it is like to have a family. Each little moment like the ones we have mentioned is simply breathtaking. We promise that you will truly have your best friend with our landfill babies!

Available Dogs for adoption

One of these dogs might be your friend.

Please take a moment to look through our available dogs. Each picture will have their bio attached for you to get to know them a bit more.
You can always email us at rescuerswithoutborders@outlook.com with any questions you have or to get additional information.

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